1066 Normans under William the Conqueror invade England. The ancestor of the Thorogood family was probably a Norman.
1100s Members of the Thorogood family have lived in Hertfordshire from this time.
1169 The Anglo-Normans invade Ireland. The ancestor of the Morgan family may have been with the Anglo-Norman army.
1286 The McFarlane Clan is granted lands in the Scottish Highlands, which become their homeland for the next 500 years.
1569 The McFarlane Clan is awarded its badge in honour of their valour at the Battle of Langside in which Mary Queen of Scots was overthrown.
about 1570 Heinrich Klugkist (ancestor of the Hendriks/Groeniers) is Burgemeister (Mayor) of Bremen which was then an independent city-state.
1541 to 1651 During the Cromwellian Wars in Ireland, the Fallon family loses its ancient power and fortune.
1685 King Henry 111 of France repeals the Edict of Nantes which had protected French Protestants from persecution. The Groeniers probably flee to Holland at this time.
1767 Following the defeat of the Scots at Culloden and subsequent banning of the Clans, the McFarlane lands at Arrochar are sold.
1811 Napoleon introduced compulsory and permanent surnames in the Netherlands. Previously, a variety of systems were used, such as adding “s” for “son of” or “x” for “daughter of” (as in Hendriks and Hendrix) or naming a profession such as “Meier” (the Estate Agent) or place of origin like “van Rijn” (from the Rhine). Different names could be used by the same person at different times.
1829 Thomas Fallon is transported to New South Wales for breaking the notorious Irish Penal Laws by “appearing armed”.
1846 Martin and Alice Morgan migrate to Australia to escape atrocious conditions in Ireland. Six years later, the notorious Potato Famine kills a million Irish people.
1874 Michael and Bridget Sheehan migrate to Australia from Ireland.
1911 Arthur Thorogood arrives in Australia
1912 Theresa McFarlane (later Thorogood) arrives in Australia
1951 John and Ann Hendriks migrate to Australia.