The Hendriks family came from Apeldoorn in central Holland.

The ten Have family came from Amsterdam.

The Klugkists (ancestors of some of the Groeniers) came from Bremen, now in Germany, At that time Bremen was an independent city-state and part of the Hanseatic League of small states which dominated trade in the Baltic.

The Smeijers family lived in eastern Holland around Almelo and Rijssen.


The Groenier family lived in Groningen, Winschoten and the nearby villages of Eexta, Heiligerlee and Westerlee and in Heerenveen in Friesland. They came to Holland from from France via Uttum inĀ  East Fresia (Ostfriesland), Germany. In France, probably emigrated from Gignac (near Montpellier) and, possibly, may have originally come from the Mont Granier region of the Alps.