All of our ancestor families originally came from:

Based on their name history (rather than identified individuals):

  • The Thorogoods originally came from Gotaland, now southern Sweden. They probably came from to England via Normandy.
    Amongst the Thorogoods’ ancestor families:

    • The Fallons came from Ireland.
    • The Morgans possibly came from Normandy, via England to to Ireland.
    • The MacFarlanes came from Scotland but their ancestors were Saxons who had settled in Northumbria (England) before going to Scotland. The Saxons came from the north-west of modern Germany (not modern-day Saxony.)
    • The Brittons probably came from Brittany in France (not from Britain).
  • The Hendriks came from central Holland.
    Among the Hendriks’ ancestors:

    • The ten Have’s came from the Netherlands, near Amsterdam.
    • The Groeniers may have originated in the area of Mont Granier in the French Alps. They probably emigrated from Gignac (near Montpellier) and came to the Netherlands via East Fresia in Germany and settled in Friesland in the northern Netherllands.
    • The Smeijers came from eastern Holland.
    • The Klugkists came from Bremen, now in Germany, At that time Bremen was an independent city-state and part of the Hanseatic League of small states which dominated trade in the Baltic.