tenhave_ann_bAlthough sport was Sjoukje’s chosen vocation, she was drawn to the nursing profession and trained as a nurse. During the Second World War, she made many trips on her bike in hazardous times, to secure food for her family. After the war, she worked as a nurse on the ships, which brought people back to Europe, later meeting her husband, Jacob (John), on one of these voyages.

The family, now including two children, went to Indonesia in 1950. In 1951, they came to Australia, arriving by plane on 11 May 1951, to join John who had come to Australia to look for work six months earlier. They first settled in Blayney and then Glen Innes where they officially became Australian citizens. Ann liked the warmer weather and the city life and, eventually, Newcastle became their home, working in their own newsagency. They were then close to fifty years of age and both worked hard to establish themselves, and buy a first home of their own.

In their mid fifties, they bought the book shop in Gosford and relocated again. Always working hard but now with a little more time to enjoy life and, in due course, setup home on the waterfront which she loved.

Most of all, she loved her family, both those in Australia, and those she had left in Holland who she visited on her trips there.