Mary Sheehan and John Morgan met at Wallenbillan station (probably west of Peak Hill) where John Morgan was employed as overseer and Mary as a governess.

Mary told the story of the station being visited by bushrangers (This must have been in the early 1880s.) She made them a sandwich and sent them on their way. (According to May (Mary’s daughter), the attitude to bushrangers was very discriminating. Ned Kelly was “a common thug” and Dan “Mad Dog” Morgan was despised because he dishonoured the Morgan name; his real name was not Morgan, he adopted it in honour of his hero, the pirate, Henry Morgan)

The couple had two stillborn children before the birth of Martin. After the birth of Allen, they moved to Parkes where John opened a butcher shop. He and his sons later started a contracting business building fences and other timber structures.

After John’s death, in 1911, Mary was left to raise their six surviving children, then aged from 12 to 25. (Her step-daughter, Mary Jane, then aged 33, also lived with the family. She never married.)

Following the death of May’s husband, Francis Fallon, in 1923, Mary and May moved to Arthur Street, Randwick and later to 98 Warners Avenue, Bondi.

Mary died, aged 96, in 1953.