Margaret and her husband Patrick Cunningham, emigrated to Australia on the “Panama” which left Plymouth on 6 October 1849 and arrived in Botany Bay on 12 January 1850. 

They settled in the Irish immigrant community around Moruya.

Margaret died on 8 August 1895 in Moruya, New South Wales. The Moruya Examiner on 9 August 1895 carried the following obituary:
“Yet another old resident in the person of Mrs Cunningham has passed away, the event occurring at her home Gundary*, on Thursday morning. The deceased had reached a ripe old age and for a long time passed had been confined to her home. She had lived of late years entirely alone, but since becoming so enfeebled, a number of ladies banded together and between them engaged a woman to attend her in her declining days. The deceased was a sister of the late Mrs Coughlin.” (Note that her “ripe old age” was 64.)

Clonoutly is situated on the road from Tipperary to Thurles about 7 miles from Thurles and 8 from Tipperary. It’s population in 1837 was 3,600.

See Patrick Cunningham for notes about Moruya.