Jan Ligtenberg was a farmer on an estate near Weirden, which was named Reetgers and was owned by the Duke of Diepenheim.


A Jan Reetgers in de Koelen was born in Wierden on 2 January 1708. He married Janna Johannis. “Our” Jan Reetgers was born in Wierden in about 1710 and married Janna Jannessen.

Jan Reetgers in de Koelen had a son, named Jan Ligtenberg, born on 19 November 1741. This Jan Ligtenberg married a Harmina Reetgers. “Our” Jan was born in about 1742 and married Geeze Reetgers.

Whether the is any connection is uncertain.

Jan Reetgers in de Koelen’s parents were Harmen Johannis Reetgers and Hermken Alberts (born 20 July 1686).

Harmen Johannis Reetgers father was Johannis Herms Reetgers (born before 1648; died after 1686). 

Johannis Herms Reetgers mother was Sara Nisinick. The Nisinick family in the Weirden area can be traced back as far as 1420.